Friday, March 30, 2012

Avocado Chicken Salad Cucumber Rolls ♥

I saw a picture on Pinterest a while ago and decided to put my mandolin to use.

While there might be a big of chopping, peeling, slicing to get all of this, it was delicious!

Chicken salad:
chopped chicken breast
mayo (to your liking)
tbsp of dry ranch seasoning for flavor
cherry tomatoes
dash of garlic and onion powder
and a little bit of salt to bring all of the flavors out
The mandolin slicer.. oh yes that thing..sliced off some of the skin on my thumb!!  I was slicing too fast and got carried fault totally :P 

As you can see I got lazy with the second cucumber and just seeded it then filled it with the salad.

I found the flavors to go well together.

How is everyone doing anyways? 

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