Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kahlua cake MMMmm

Kahlua cake anyone?!?! 

Swim in that cool whip toffee know you want to ;)

Kahlua, I never tried this until I made this cake for a barbeque I went to this weekend with some friends.  I saw the recipe online and thought it would be fun.

Kahlua cake recipe:
1 box of Chocolate Fudge cake
1 big box of instant pudding (or just buy chocolate pudding that's made already)
Heath bars (crushed, I put mine in the food processor)
Cool whip, medium sized tub
3/4 cup of Kahlua

To layer:
chocolate cake with some kahlua poured over
cool whip
repeat :)

The cake was a hit and i'm glad everyone enjoyed it! 


Allan and Andrea said...

OMG this was so delicious, thanks again girl!

leslielovesmakeup said...

Thanks Andrea!!

Pop Champagne said...

ohh this looks so delicious!!