Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Duty Calls :/

this is just a quick post but also to get things off my mind.  my husband is deploying soon and it's not just for 4 months this time.  it'll be closer to 6-7.  keenan and i are moving in with my parents so they can help keep keenan company while walley is gone.  its stressful thinking about it.  i know i'm in denial.  but its only because if i think about it too much i'll cry uncontrollably.  can't explain the kind of love we have, but when he's gone my heart feels like half of it is missing.  *sigh* im blessed to have keenan there to put a smile on my face and force me to keep moving.  he's counting on me.

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Jean said...

awww. tell me about it.. even when brady leaves for the wkend, i occupy myself w/ others and with hobbies.. keep on a strong face. :)

before u know it, the months will be over with! :) :)