Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Garnier Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment Review *new love* ♥☻♥

The ingredients look good ;)

Yeap, thats the little man hogging the bed.  Sometimes I wonder how I manage to not fall off the bed..hrm.. :P

Anyways this is such a great product.  I was in the hair care aisle at walmart looking for something to take care of my REALLY dry ends.  Nothing seemed to intrigue me until I got to the end of the aisle and saw this orange bottle.  Tiny and simple.. I picked it up and it said it had argan oil in it so I wanted to try it..not to mention I use Garnier's hair color often so I love the smell of that too.

I showered that night and applied this to my damp hair.  Instantly I saw it smooth ends out.  While it was drying (naturally no hair blow dryer), I noticed that my ends weren't frizzing out and my hair did NOT feel greasy which is a plus for me.  I wash my hair everyday because I have an oily scalp.  The real test was in the morning because usually my hair is really dry then, and this definitely passed the test.  My ends still looked and felt hydrated.

You can pick this up for around $5 depending where you get it.  I would recommend this for anyone who wants lovely soft hair that's not greasy.  I have noticed a great hair improvement with this product.

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