Monday, June 18, 2012

Xen Tan - Hope for the Pale Faces :)

This retails for $24 at Ulta.  As you can see in the pictuer above, it is olive based so you for sure will not have any orange tint to your skin.

Since I am slightly anemic, my face is really pale compared to the rest of my body.  My body is tan, really tan haha.. but my face..not so much.  I wanted some color for my face since I am uncomfortable with tanning out in the sun, especially with my face since I don't want to do anymore damage to my skin. 

The color upon first application is light, but with the second night of using this I noticed more color.  This definitely isn't streaky, it is gel like and it applies really smooth.  My face looks like it is naturally tan with the rest of my body and I no longer look like a ghost.  This does give me much more confident when i'm at home without foundation on. 

Would I recommend this?  YES! 

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