Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stella Burlwood Mini Resin Watch Review ♥♥

New hair color ;) Review soon ;) :)

Stella Mini Resin Watch
Fossil's description:  We love the unique combination of faux burlwood and shiny rose gold-tone in our mini Stella watch. Dress it up or down—it’s perfect for every day.

That is probably the best picture I can take of it on my arm lol.  I am left handed so I wear my watches on my right hand..and the camera button is on the right side of the camera making it harder and heavier to snap a shot with my left hand.

Anyways, my new LOVE.  I still love my other Fossil watch, but this one is my go to watch now.  It isn't too dressy and has a touch of rose gold to compliment my skintone.  I have gotten a lot darker but that doesn't matter..I look good in tan/brown lol. 

The resin material is super light and it doesn't bother me to wear it.  I just love that this is simple and different. 

They have a bigger version of this but I got the small one because it looked better on my wrist vs. the bigger one.  I did take a look around the Michael Kor's watches, tried on a few but nothing screamed out to me like this one. 

The sale price on this is $105, but I was talking to the SA yesterday and she says all the Fossil watches have an 11 year warantee on them.  Not bad. 


Jean said...

i've always loved fossil watches! xo

DimePieceOnaDime said...

i love a big watch! my cheapo one from target changed color! UGH!