Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Turbie Twist Safari Collection Review ♥

(these pictures were taken with my Samsung Galaxy SII..not bad right?)

I was in Bed Bath and Beyond and I came across this..I couldn't resist and asked Walley if he'd buy me these!  (btw Bed Bath and Beyond is my new favorite place for beauty items, they have most of the drugstore cosmetics there)

I was a little skeptical at first so I opened the package in the store and tried this on Walley's head.  It fit well so I figured it would hold up well on my head.  Now I bought a generic version of this and it sucked..the turbie wasn't long enough and it didn't stay put as well. 

The print is what really got to me.  I pictured myself walking around with this on my head and I definitely don't look as cute as the animated girls on the packaging do. (lol)  BUT I am satisfied with this.  $15 is pushing it a little but considering the packaging is cute and I get two of them it was fine with me. 

As far as absorbing water from my hair goes, it's okay..it's not that absorbent to where i'm wowed by it, but it does it's job. 

What do I love about this?  I don't have to take an extra bath towel with me into the shower, it feels light on my head, and it's cute! 

Would I recommend this?  YES.  For the convenience and girliness ;)

They have other prints too, you'd have to check them out for yourselves.  This might be the only As Seen On TV product i've liked. 

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Jean said...

Lol. You're so funny, Leslie!

I think I'll just stick to a towel, Lol....