Thursday, July 11, 2013

Why It's Important To Be Yourself, A love post.


I've been thinking about this topic lately.  So, why is it important to be yourself?  Because at the end of the day, that voice in your head that has been talking to you all day has had enough.

I mean seriously, isn't it soo much weight on your shoulders wondering what people think of you and if you look/act the way they want you to?  I hate that feeling, and when I start to feel that, I tell myself screw them.  I'm me and I love me.

"I'd take 4 quarters over 100 pennies anyday."

Yeap, your real friends love you inside and out, rich or poor, thick or thin.  And real people will see you for you.

A lot of the things I do when it comes to me, is for me (I don't really care much for attention or people pleasing).  When I say this I mean clothes, makeup, hair, etc..  If I decide I like sometimes it's not because it was under the influence of someone else trying to sell it to me, its because I truly liked it.  That's how I am with buying things, I try it on/put it in my cart, walk around the store for a while with it and decide if I really like it. 

I wear makeup everyday, and i'm not ashamed of it.  I could live without it.  But I love color and I love seeing a cleaned up version of me.  I used to wear fake eyelashes everyday, even though I still wear it often, it really is my favorite part of my makeup.  I don't care what people think of it either, it makes ME! Happy!


Over the years I've learned that trends are simply that, and if I don't like it, I just don't.  I've learned who I am and am still learning everyday.  But mostly at this point, I don't care what anyone else thinks as long as i'm happy with myself.

You know those teenage years when your friends are doing this and that, so you want to get in on it too?  Sometimes you just have to grow out of that phase and decide what YOU like.

If you're not happy with yourself, you'll never know the meaning of happiness.
Be yourself!  Don't be afraid to express the person inside of you, unless you're a crazy maniac.  Speaking of yourself, but in the most respectful way you can. 

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