Sunday, August 18, 2013

Silver & Black Crease Cut Tutorial + Pics

There are SO many tutorials on youtube BUT I just wanted to give it my twist.  I wanted to wear a black top (which I really don't own) so I had to go with my corset I bought years ago from Forever 21.

This was such a daring look to pull off for me because I don't like wear full blown black eyeshadow, and although this wasn't straight up black, it was totally something I would only wear if I were in the dark somewhere..haha.  Oh yeah, after I got done taking these pictures, hubby tells me we need to get a few things from the store.  TARGET was extremely packed with kids and parents going back to school..I was like wow what a day to wear this look.  ^_^

The eyeshadows I used are all from TheBalm's NUDETUDE palette.  Eyeliner is by NYX, and NYX silver glitter liner was applied to my lid.  Eyelashes are from China and eyebrows are by NYX.  Silver eyeliner is from Essence.
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