Tuesday, September 3, 2013

NYX Liquid Black Liner [My Favorite!!] NYX now at Target!

I hope you guys enjoy my new background for product reviews!  Anyways the other day I was at Target looking around and as I walked towards where Milani used to be, I saw NYX!!

I was like OMG wow!  BUTTTT..to my disappointment they only carried a few things.  However..my favorite eyeliner was there and I needed a new one.

I purchased my first one back in March and it has lasted me til September.  I wear thick liner almost on a daily basis too. (hooded lids, liner doesn't show up too well)

The brush applicator, one of my preferred way of lining.

When it dries, it's not completely matte, has a little shine/gloss to it.  I love it and don't find it to move around. At both Ulta and Target I bought this for $5.99

PROS: cheap
doesn't budge but not waterproof
1 bottle lasts long
CONS: none that I can think of

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