Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Squeaky Clean Makeup Brushes! Wash Em' Good ;)

I hope this helps everyone out.  I know I used to get really annoyed when I couldn't get the colors to come off my makeup brushes when I washed them. 
I came upon this idea when I tried using baking soda as an exfoliator on my face (which turned out horrible for my sensitive skin) and I had extra baking soda in my bathroom.  So one day I just thought, "what the heck, i'll throw in some baking soda and dish soap to wash my brushes."  And it worked like magic.  My brushes look brand new, clean, and sanitary. 
If you find there's baking soda on your brushes when your brushes dry, you're probably using too much baking soda.  If it's too soapy/sudsy, you're probably using too much dish detergent and will just need to rinse out the excess.

Dawn soap is the only soap I use on my dishes so I'm not sure if other soap brands will work as well. 

I usually comment back in the comments section of my blogs.  So if you have a question check back there. 
Lots of love ;) Leslie

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