Friday, March 7, 2014

Feather Hair Extensions, Ombre, Neon, Colorful!

Feather's Anyone? 

I wanted some fun change in my hair so I looked around online to find the best deal I could for quality rooster feathers.  I found there here: The Feather Outlet .

The Feather Outlet has so many different combinations of colors for the feathers, I had a hard time deciding but I decided to get the ombre and neon styles.  My hair reminds me of glow sticks, I love it ;)  I'm love color!

Real rooster feathers can handle heat and you treat them the same like your own hair.  I was able to put these in with microbeads so they'll stay in my hair.  You can also glue the feathers onto a hair clip of your choice, or whatever you'd like.  I didn't find the colors to fade in these feathers.

Personally, my favorite ones are the grizzly ones!  They look so cool in real life.


Don't forget to check out the Feather outlet if you are interested in purchasing these.  You won't regret it and the owner of the shop is really sweet.

*not a sponsored post, I paid for all these items


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