Monday, March 3, 2014

Lesson Learned: Why Watermarking Your Images is Important

If you guys are visiting from Pinterest, you'll be familiar with the photo above.  Yes, she's using my picture.  I understand it says "customizable", but if she's already made her own version of this, why can't she just use her own photo? 

I contacted Etsy and they said they couldn't say anything to her unless I have legal documents and I would have to fax/regular mail it to them along with 5 other steps.  That alone in itself was frustrating to me, I understand why they set things that way but it makes things in no way, fair for people like me who just want to share creativity without going through the hassle of paying $$ to copyright all of my photos. 

Sadly I feel the need to watermark every one of my photos from now on. 

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Omayra Ovalles said...

You can easily put a watermark on your photos without having to buy it using a photo editor or something similar to photoshop, me as an artist I have to unfortunately do it to my artwork. By the way, I'm not a makeup enthusiast, but I enjoy reading a lot of your tips and stuff on the other stuff you post! Keep up the creativity!