Wednesday, March 5, 2014

G&G Dueba Shinny Green Circle Lenses (also known as Puffy 3 tone) Review from Pinky Paradise

Lens Info taken from website:
Origin / South Korea
Diameter / 14.5mm
Base Curve / 8.6mm
Water Content / 38%
Life Span / Yearly
Prescription / -0.00 ~ -8.00
Package / Pair of Circle Lenses(2 pcs) + FREE Cutie Animal Lens Case

I love these lenses!  I personally thought these were comfortable and definitely made my look more awake. 

Natural eye color: Very dark brown
Comfort level: 4.5/5
Color: 5/5
If you are interested in purchasing these, click HERE to visit Pinky Paradise.

My experience with Pinky Paradise has always been good.  One time one of my lenses looked a little weird so they quickly shipped one out to me for free.  Their customer service is excellent and they haven't disappointed me ever.

*this is not a sponsored post, I did purchase these on my own, but I am posting with an affiliate link

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