Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dry Your Makeup Brushes Easily!

I wanted to try something different with drying my brushes and instead of drying them on a towel rack where people do their business, I wanted my brushes to be in a clean area.

I used the Ikea scarf organizer which you can find HERE, and a bundle of hair ties I bought from Forever 21.  I only have one brush that has two brushes on each end so I had to hang it sideways, but most for the rest I hung them upside down so that the water doesn't seep into the glue causing them to shed.

You can pretty much hang this anywhere where you want to, I find that the warmth from the sun helps dry these quickly. 

I use a variety of brushes in case you're wondering.  Nothing worthy of making a blog post on, but for face brushes I prefer using kabuki style to buff in my foundation. 

The hair ties I got from Forever 21, they come in a cute silicone cupcake wrap.

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