Saturday, September 13, 2008

Clinique Blushing Precious Posy

After eating some delicious dim sum dumplings from Panda Buffet (that's the only
reason why i go there), the adventures of nee nee and lee lee started. We made our way to the land of Target. lol, anyways. I guess Boots came out with a new "sensitive" skincare line. I have very sensitive skin and I will break out with anything harsh on my skin. I bought their toner for $3.79 and their serum for around $8. I will definitely update and let you all know how well it's going.
Wet n Wild's curler: i love it! I like this better than the last curler I bought. It's really gentle on my lashes and it actually makes a curl and not a crymp. You know that hard feeling you get when you press your curler on your eyes? This curler doesn't hurt my eyes at all and it curls. It's small and made for traveling. I bought it for like $1.69.
Wet n Wild's mega eyes in Naked: I think this is my new HG eyeshadow because it makes me feel like i'm not wearing a really pigmented eyeshadow but it makes my lids pretty too.

Clinique's Blushing Percious Posy Blush; soft, pigmented, and provides a luminous glow!
I found out that the Clinique at my BX exchange gives like 25% off everything everyday. They have Estee Lauder there too but we'll have to slowly progress. The lady there complimented my eyes and gave me references. She showed me this bronzer that looked really pretty so i'm probably going to go next week. They're giving free makeovers and samples! yay :)

It looks pink here but when applied on skin it's more of a peachy pink.

I'm a blush person. I really am. If I were stranded on an island and had to choose one makeup thing to bring, it would be blush. I have cheekbones that are not defined without it and it brings my face to life. I don't like looking like I have a flat face either!

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