Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Skincare and K-mart trip

So last night when I went to go wash my face, I realized that there were five new uninvited pimples on my face. It was so nasty and it still is! I figured the serum I bought from wal-mart broke me out and i'm so upset because it makes my skin very velvety and soft, but the fragrance is strong. PLUS, the L'oreal skin genesis pore minimizing face wash also broke me out. I personally think so because it has a strong perfume scent and I always get a headache everytime I use it.
After reading reviews on MUA, they said this stuff, is supposed to do the job. I do have sensitive skin! Not realizing it just because i've always claimed to have oily skin. But I have both, I'm acne prone, oily/combo, and sensitive.
For some reason though, Olay products work for me.

Though I have oily/combo skin, I do need moisturizer. My skincare regimen needs to get amped because I'm lazy in general and I really want to start taking good care of my skin. So this will be my moisturizer for the daytime. Maybe even night for now. It's light and non-greasy as it says on the box. ..and I can tell that it keeps me hydrated.
This is La Cross's new eyelash curler. It's straight but it's made for curling small ends that are hard to reach. I have short thin eyelashes so this works on all of them LOL. But it does do the job. The curls actually stay in place better than my revlon curler. I like it ;)

I have finally filled in my ELF compact with some eyeshadows. That is my "neutral" eye palette which is probably the one I will use everyday. If you are on a budget and do not want to spend money or eyeshadows or need a quick backup, Sally girl eyeshadows work really well! The champagne and peach are my favorite from them and they're $1 each! I usually put peach on my lids because it neutralizes my lids or gives it a more definted look. ELF cosmetics are usually a dollar each too!

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