Wednesday, October 1, 2008

J.R. Watkins Apothecary Hand & Body lotion in Lemon Cream

I bought this today and let me tell you...........
it is the best lotion i've ever bought for $5! It made my legs look super sexy and smooth, not only that but my legs really did feel soft and silky.

It smells like a lemon cake, seriously. I smells good, lemon cake with frosting I must add. I was just really surprised at how well it moisturized my skin. try it, it won't hurt.

It has been almost or officially one year since i've had my gazelle and I believe my body is getting used to it. It's pretty much a free breeze for me getting on there. So now I need something to amp up and tone my body. I don't really care about losing weight, I want to see muscles and lean meat! So the hubsters let me order the Stamina Body Glider and it's supposed to target all places on my body especially my abs! Can't wait to get it.


Beauty Addict said...

I really like NYX products too. It works great and it's cheap=D I have a lot of their lg/ls too! They're so cheap on cherry culture I bought like over 20! Haha. The bump on my eye is actually just a mole. Sometimes I forget that it's there until I take the pictures. Hehe.
Anyways, how's the weather in Florida?

Beauty Addict said...

I also have "beauty marks" on my face, but they're so small it doesn't bother me. I've never noticed that the one on my lid was bumpy until the pictures. Hehe.
Lucky you. It's getting cold in Minnesota now. Today was around 45 degrees =/ I guess it's an excuse to go shopping! Hehe. My days aren't very interesting. I go to school in the morning, work at my parents' store, go home and quickly exercise (usually 20 min) then do homework/study the rest of the night. Wish I was as free as you. Haha. I just started exercising again. I have not had the time due to school! So now my 1st priority when I get home from work is exercise, then I need as much time as possible to study afterwards. Where in Florida do you live?