Thursday, October 16, 2008

dun dun dun!

I took this picture from pursebuzzes website. I went into the Mac store today and asked why their holiday collection was up and the lady said that they're doing it so that people can preorder them when they come out. I was like wow really! So I went on ahead and asked the hubby if it's okay and he said okay and got the classic eyes. The casing is really pretty and i'm so excited! it's $38 but she said it's really worth it because i'm saving like $40 +. why does mac have to be so addicting?!

Sunset driving back from Destin. It's always my favorite time of the day when the sun sets...

We ate at Sushi Siam and their sushi was actually really good when we ate in. I usually order to go and I always thought it was okay, but this time it was mouth watering! I usually order the crunchy roll. Nothing beats sushi tango though! (mind the arm, i have sunspots from tanning :( )

Going for a natural look or easy on the eyes look. I bought "warm soul" today from Mac and I like it. It really does brighten up the face and it's what i'm wearing above. I'm trying to get used to wearing falsies too!

Here goes my blush, this is not all of it but just the new ones I've gotten so far.

EDM Summer Stroll is really pretty and great to go over a pink or even worn by itself. On my medium/light skin it warms my face up. Jane's Honey is a honey color's got shimmer in it and works really well as a wonderful bronzer! Jane's soft mink is sorta a baby pink with shimmer and great as a highlighter too. Rimmel's blushes are awesome! The peach one is great and so is the spicy nude!!! really, i love both of them. Mac's harmony is great for contouring, it's a matte brown but not too too dark. I mainly use it to contour the cheekbones.

and here's the pretty girl sitting next to that man in the car. lol

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