Sunday, October 5, 2008


Over the past year I have turned into a health nut! For those of you who do not know,
I am 5'6" so I can gain 5lbs and not looks like it well at this weight for now. In 2006 I weighed
145lbs which was my "comfort" zone. I was about to get married and did not care how I looked.
I get married in December 2006 and in May 2007, the hubby takes off to Iraq and I fly back home to Minnesota with my family. Boy was I in for it. I had gained 20lbs without noticing. Seriously, I mean my jeans were tight and I blamed the washer for it. hahahhaahahaha I laugh so hard every time I think about it. I was in love and did not care about how I looked. It hit me hard when everyone was like "whoa! you blew up!" lol...i was like :( But I accepted it and took it seriously.
So after returning home to the hubby I had already started losing getting into losing weight, but not as much. I needed a jump start, so I purchased the gazelle which is still and will always be my favorite. I got hired at Jcpenny's and worked as a sales associate, pretty much the person who puts all of the clothes back from the fitting rooms. It sure was a workout and I started shedding off the pounds! I changed our food and put no oil in whatever we ate. I cut my portions in half and started exercising more. By January I had slimmed down to 135lbs.
At this point I am already happy and amazed at how much my life had changed. I am more confident with myself and not to sound mean but the hubby liked it too. As of right now I go back and fourth between 127lbs and 130lbs. But I do have a goal of losing at least 10 more pounds. These are the hardest really.
BUT ANYWAYS! The 100 calorie snacks helped me because they are portioned out. It's probably better if you buy them from sam's because you get a whole lot more. Most of the stuff in the fridge is either low-fat/fat free/low calorie. We eat a lot of chicken and there is no soda in our fridge. Not that many sweets either. Life is good when you feel good!

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Vanessa said...

I love the Oreo 100 calorie packs!