Friday, August 29, 2008

okay so i am so frustrated right now with their customer service! i specifically paid for priority shipping and on the paypal description it says that it was shipped out FIRST CLASS! (which is slower btw) it makes me so mad! they're stationed in dallas or houston, whichever and i live on the panhandle of florida, so i know it doesn't take me that long to receive my pacakages from texas.

i emailed her the first time asking her to give me a tracking number and it took her a week to respond. i didn't pay $1 for shipping plus i'll be leaving out of town tomorrow also. *sigh*

i've never had such bad customer service before.

i'm still waiting on the products. BOO!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

gettin' crafty

I made these like last week. I nail polised the purple and pinks
ones because i couldn't find all black clips at wal-mart. So this is what you
have for now! :) hope you like them :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pearl Ex

with all risks, i think i'm going to try these. my idea actually is to press them
so that they won't fly all over the place. i have a 40% off coupon and i'm definitely
gonna give it a shot. a lot of girls say that these are identical, if not better than Mac
pigments. BUT, we'll see.
I will definitely use these with as much caution as possible.
I'll update! :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mac's Peachykeen

Mac's description: A very baby peach (Sheertone Shimmer)

This color stood out from all of the other blushes and since my skintone is more
tan than fair, the MUA said that Springsheen would be more of a highlighter to me.
I really like this color when I swatched it because I knew that it would be the perfect
to go look. I LOVE blush because it brings life into my face. I really can't go
without blush because something starts to look wrong if i'm not wearing it. Anyways,
it is a peachy pink with gold shimmer in it that make my face glow! I love it!

i'm wearing it in both pictures but the color is washed out. it's got more
peach in it in real life. it really is a pretty color, for darker skintones too
i believe.

I really hate layering my mascara but it makes them noticable.
I'm actually wearing Victoria's Secret Pink's tinted lip balm in

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Shoes

I love the shoes. I've had the top for a few years now, I believe I bought it
from Charlotte Russe, then the necklace from Rue 21 which is mostly found
in outlet centers. I sorta like the place, but not too crazy about it. I've got so
many sunglasses I don't know where I bought the ones I'm wearing in the pic from.
..and yes, I'm finally backcombing my hair. My hair is always, hrm..always! flat,
so I learned a very very easy way to backcomb it and it doesn't take long.
The hubsters has been helping me with telling me not to cut my hair either!
I think i'm finally getting past that nasty hair length that grows after you get a bob
or whatever.


I have been trying to get back into shape because I went on vacation and did not exercise for probably one whole week, which I know isn't that long but to me it felt like decades. PLUS, it made me lazy!

So today the hubby and I went jogging and I was so out of breath. Seriously! It wasn't funny, but I was never a good runner to begin with. It was nice to know that he was sweating too LOL. *whew* It felt good but i'm tired as hell now!

Anyways I want to try to make it to the Mac counter this weekend so hopefully all goes well. I'm just looking for the blush that will make me glow without layering on tons of different colors.

That's it for now. I'll post up swatches eventually. *tired*

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fall/Winter Trends

I'm actually going to go for dark/richer colors this year. I've got a lot of bright clothes so I figured I can do a more casual/dressy look instead of fun and bright.

Hello hello ;)

Aquamarine eyes from NYX's trio. I used vaseline as a base/primer because it really
helps make the shadow stick. I should go buy a branded primer but this is good for now.
My husband says I remind him of a Disney Princess in the picture lol. I said, "snow white!"

My homemade version of Panera Bread's "sierra turkey" sandwich.
I pretty much used my famous sandwich ingredients but stuffed them inside
asiago bread we bought from wal-mart's deli/bakery. My hubby says, "mm! good!'
That's pretty much it for now. Probably gonna go to the bookstore just to kill time
and do some reading.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Favorites*


foundation: revlon colorstay warm golden
powder: physician's formula talc-free formula creamy natural
blush: milani luminous, everyday minerals weekend getaway


mac carbon, shore leave, mulch
milani enchanted
wet n' wild sand castle palette

i like to press my pigments if i do get any. i hate it when it flies everywhere on my face.


wet n' wild mega liner
i used to use smodge pots or pot liners but then it's just too much time for me. liquid liners show up best on my eyes and pencils aren't as stron as a black as i would like them to be.


i really don't have a favorite one, but if i had to write one down it'd be maybelline's last stylist for my thin asian lashes!


nyx! they're lip products are so wonderful! i love "love angel" in nyx lips and "french kiss" in their shine gloss.
i'm also loving E.L.F.'s luscious liquid lipstick in baby lips!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

About Leslie Loves Makeup

I started blogging back in 2008, I remember I was in a beauty group on myspace and a few of them had beauty blogs.  I signed up just to start and one thing led to another.  My interest for beauty items have grown much and I've learned so much from the blogging community. 
I'm a mix of Lao, Vietnamese, and Hmong.  I was raised on the West Coast and can say I've lived in the Midwest, East Coast, and down south.  I am married to a wonderful man and have a son.  They both know me well and support my love for beauty related items.
My artistic side never ceases to fail me, which is possibly why I always am excited to see new makeup items.   

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Small Smokey

I'm new here and i'm navigating away from xanga. I used to use it when I was a teenager but then I think this has more to offer.

Anyways, I did this look using Revlon's Colorstay Quad in "Sultry Smoke". I really do like the quad, it's not hard to deal with and the eyeshadow doesn't fly everywhere on my face giving me racoon eyes. I applied the darkest color wet, that way it'd be more dramatic.

I'll eventually start posting up the rest of my makeup. I'm a drugstore makeup junkie but i'm slowly converting over to high end labels. I once bought this eyeshadow palette from POP beauty and I never touched it. It's still sitting inside my makeup drawer. BORING!

This is it for now, i'll post up some more stuff tomorrow. love ya!