Sunday, March 8, 2009

theBalm's Holiday in BALM BEACH

Look what I found at TJ Maxx for $7.99. I believe it's half off and I got a brand new one, I opened it to check it out.

It comes with their #1 seller products such as: bahama mama bronzer, hot mama blush/eyeshadow, eyeshadow in michievous marissa, and tinted lip gloss in girl next door. The packaging is so cute, it's like a book and it's small so it's great for travel. I get a very natural look when using all of the products in this.

marissa eyeshadow-hot mama blush-bahama mama blush

I'm really enjoy the blush hot mama. Yes I can use it as eyeshadow, but what can't you use as an eyeshadow in powder form? It gives me a glow and just a slight hint of peachy pink. I use the bronzer as a contour.

TJMaxx has some great deals if you go in at the right time. I was surprised to find this new and not opened. They finally cleaned up the place puahaha. Last time I went in and found a bunch of Stila products but most of them had been open already.

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