Friday, March 6, 2009

Nivea Lip Care and jibberish ~ !

Went grocery shopping with the hubs and remembered that I wanted a chapstick to put near the computer, since that's where I spend the majority of the time if i'm not in the kitchen.
I was debating between this or the new blistex anti-aging chapstick. I was like hrm, well this one has spf4 in it so i'll give it a shot.

I'm glad I did because this has no scent or flavor. I really like the idea of scents and flavors, but I am one to get tired of things quickly. We have a carmex sitting in our little bin and I don't bother to put it on because I think about how it might ruin the flavor of whatever I'm going to put into my mouth. (ehh)

I will be honest with this product. The moisture does not last all day long, but I don't mind reapplying it because one swipe on both top and bottom lip gives me moisture.

I just bought this off of eBay since we don't have a shop down here. Heck, there's nothing too special down here except for the beautiful paradise beaches!
Anyways, when I do get this I will definitely do a review. I'm excited to try it out, my skin is the most complicated ever. I have uneven, acne-prone, oily/combination, big pores SKIN! The green is supposed to calm down the redness in my we'll see what happens.
I can really care less if people think I wear a lot of makeup, it's what gives me confidence because I was not born with perfect skin. On top of that my hair is thick and not the easiest to tame. Bleh, but I do love myself a lot. I'm glad my husband loves me with or without makeup. I will not leave the house unless I have something to cover up my face, even if it's just tinted moisturizer.
I really didn't grow up "cute" or "pretty". I grew up sorta tomboy-ish since my older sister got married when I was 10. I didn't have anyone to teach me how to do this or do that, and my parents were always strict on who I was friends with. I wasn't allowed to go anywhere or have any sleepovers either!
BUT I eventually started blooming when I made new friends in high school and started to care about how I looked. I'm glad that I didn't grow up with the looks, because if so I would probably be a SNOB. So now not only does the hubby have a hot wife, but a SWEET hot wife. =)

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