Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Self Love

Growing up I never cared much about my looks until I reached high school. You can say I didn't really take care of myself until I started liking boys. I actually didn't eat lunch my freshmen and sophemore year of high school and lost a good amount of weight. I made new friends my junior year and started "blooming" I guess you can say. Til this day I still don't know why some guys hate me even though I never did anything to them. They claim that I used to be cool until I started hanging out with my new friends. *what losers really*

Overall I am still me. My personality has not changed and I personally do not think I am a snot. I love calling myself one though because I am very loved by my husband. ..that in itself is a very different story.

Some girls that grow up pretty get used to always getting what they want, but it's a different story for me. I wasn't always pretty and I believe you can say i'm rather quite humble.

Anyways, the real deal!

After meeting the love of my life and geting married, I packed on a good oh I don't know, 30lbs or more. I got too comfortable to where I didn't realize that blaming the washer and dryer for shrinking my jeans was not true. After my husband came back from Iraq I decided to make changes for my life. To be more active and healthy so that I don't have to

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