Thursday, April 16, 2009

Femme Couture Haul + Sunset Eyes

At Sally's these are buy 2 get 1 free til the end of this month! :)
l2r: brow wax, cake liner, undereye concealer

This is how the brow wax looks like. I LOVE this product. I find it gives my brows a more polished/natural look since I do just fill them in.

This is the cake liner, it's actually black and grey but the flash wiped it out. It is very pigmented and all I really do is use a sponge tip applicator to liner the top part of my eyes, then take a liner brush to line my lower lash line. I find this more pigmented and darker than mac carbon, since this formula is different. The grey is pigmented also and is super great for smokey looks!

I used: elf's gold custom eyeshadow color, nyx flamingo, ploof from mac as a highlighter, and the dark black is the cake liner from femee couture. you can see my brows are more in place except for on the right because i wasn't being detailed with this look.

I've been breaking out for some reason, i'm going to stop using my face shop primer to see if that's the reason being.


MakeupJunkee said...

love this look on you..your so pretty..

tiff said...

What a gorgeous look! Your e/s is perfection :).