Saturday, April 18, 2009

Konad Nail Art kit and other stuff!

I ordered these off of and she does super fast shipping! If you enter in the code: joshura -you get 20% off. Orders over $20 get free shipping!! It's the best deal i've found so far and the special polishes are 2 for $12. I live in Florida and she got this to me in 3 days from Cali. :)
Anyways, I ordered the Special polish in Black, Konad image plate in M57, and the kit that costs $15 i think. The kit comes with a scraper, stamper, M2 plate, and a small white special polish. It's great for beginners.

I bought the Petites nail polish today in Dare from wal-mart. They're about $1.50 each I believe and I love them. I've actually got a bunch of them.

I'm most likely going to order more image plates since I'm really loving the little cat that was on the M2. As for the leopard/cheetah print and zebra, i'm okay with them. I like to get creative I guess.

This is my leopard print. I used China glaze's Spontaneous, konad M57 leopard print, and sally's nail art pen in gold. I really love China glaze's "fast forward top coat" because it dries my nail polishes quickly and hardens them. I don't have to wait long for them to dry after I apply the top coat.

I also bought this today. It's funny because I was going to buy the bath and body version for $4.50 for a trial size, then while the hubs and i were in wal-mart, i found this and it smelled exactly the same. ..but for $1.50. haha and the best part is the hubs loves the smell. :)

chubby me. i can't wait to lose weight. then again i can't help it if every once in a while i crave a donut.

Almost 31 weeks pregnant and I can't wait to see my little babe. Just for your information I am 5'6" and I guess i was thin before I got pregnant. I have gained a lot of weight and although I do not look like I am 31 weeks pregnant, I certainly freaking feel that way!
My back is starting to hurt and walking is becoming a pain in the ass. I had some slight cramping like menstrual cramping the other day but it went away. I still want to workout though. It really helps keep my weight gain at a slow pace.

We finally got my little Keenan his bed things. (my lil' snuggle bear!) The crib got here a month ago I believe or a few weeks, whichever, it's a 4-in-1 crib so it's huge. I am loving it though because it turns into a toddler bed too!
We still have the carseat and bath things to buy but i'm glad we got this because I get to look at it everyday! I wanted a neutral color because it's more please to my eye I guess, and I feel like blue is so cliche. It's in our bedroom until he turns 1 or when we feel like he's ready to move on.
The wall decor looks so much better in person and I'm not done with it yet either. I'm gonna find letterings to spell out his name in the center. I have so much clothes that I still need to wash of his. *whew* i'm getting a workout just thinking of it!

alright...i'm gonna go lay on my back massager.

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Ashley n Rich said...

Aw his crib is so cute. What kind of carseat did you guys get?

Your nails look pretty. I wish i could do mine as good. You always buy such cool things. We need to be shopping buddies :) Seriously, the date is coming up real close to when we leave out of here. god, i hope you guys get NM or i will be bored out of my mind! LOL