Monday, April 13, 2009

I dont know what it is

But I can't help it when I want things! It's so horrible. ...I wish I did have a job so I could buy myself things hahaha. :)

I've been looking at their jewelry. I'm a big sterling silver fan. We'll see what I can get myself within a month or two. I've been wanting a necklace with a small pendant. Just don't know which one I want yet.

I still need my beauty refills and it's only been a month. I'm awful but I seriously need to stop!

I love shopping. I'm a good shopper though, the only time I splurge is when I get an "okay" from the husband. (which is most of the time but i'm still a good girl)

I just wish this damn store wasn't 2 hours away from me!! *angry face* I have to order online now :(


Beauty Addict said...

I posted a review on the tinted moisturizer so you can go check that out. I want a maxi dress too!! Can't wait til summer here in MN!! You're lucky and have warm weather year round!!

tina said...

hi...yeah I'm Txia's cousin...and now is related to song through my husband...surprise me when you ask that...normally people don't remember me after a year or two since I change so much. hahah...
Are you having a baby girl or boy?

Beauty Addict said...

No problem on the review. I wish I had good skin!! I have big pores and I hate it! The tinted moisturizer really gave a decent coverage, that's why you can't see my flaws. I have tried mineral foundation. I used it for a month or so but my skin is kind of dry on the cheeks so it made it look even more dry.