Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jaqua Lip Gloss Ring in Pink Buttercream Frosting

I went to Ulta on Sunday I think...but anyways I picked this up. It was $8 but I was just curious really. I was expecting it to smell good but it has no fragrance. The packaging sells it all like always.

For $8 the ring could have at least had some gemstones on it. lol

Nee thinks i'm silly whenever I wear this. I tell him I don't care :P

On my bare lips. It does have a slight hint of color and shimmer in it.

Elizabeth's hot dog Mia!
This is the sweater I bought her when Nee and I were in Petsmart. I always think of her whenever get go into pet stores now. She's so adorable!


Jane Sim said...

I like the ring..super cute !!

Ashley n Rich said...

that is such a cute lip gloss ring :P

tina said...

Congratulation on the new baby boy...a lot of people are pregnant this year...when will you be due? It looks like you haven't gain any weight yet...