Monday, April 20, 2009

Important ELF update!

I bought this in my last ELF haul.

..and now it's shedding like crazyyyy!!

i am so sad. :(

I really love the brush, but it takes forever to dry and it is shedding like crazy. This brush does a wonderful-splendid job at applying my foundation on, but the fact that it cannot hold it's pieces together is making me grumpy.

I went to kmart today and bought a POSH brush. If it sheds I will let you guys know. I do wash my brushes everyday that I use for foundation. ..only because i feel it's sanitary that way. Once in a while I get lazy but most of the time I wash them everyday.


YingX said...

sad to hear that your ELF brush is shedding.

Nikita2471 said...

I have that same Posh brush! Mine sheds from time to time but only a couple hairs at a time.

Too bad about the ELF brush! I've heard so many good things about it!

Beauty Addict said...

That sucks that the brush was shedding. I hate that, I have a duo fiber brush that sheds alot too. I'm now trying the dupe for the blending sponge by sonia kashuk, which I really like. I was thinking about getting her flat top brush too. Oh yeah, I've been looking around and where did you purchase your circle lenses? I found a few sites but I wasn't sure if they were legit.

Beauty Addict said...

I have the special edition version of the Mac 187, which is smaller than the original. The one that sheds is from Crown Brush. It's just as good as the Mac 187 but it just sheds too much! I prefer the one from Mac.

Thanks for giving me the site! I saw that site yesterday too, but I wasn't sure if it is legit. I heard that circle lenses are usually too big for people's (esp. asian) eyes. I really want to give them a try but I used to wear colored contacts too and they bug my eyes!