Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Skincare Routine as of April 2009

facial wash: philosphy's purity (milky formula) to remove makeup -[$10-$45 depending on the size you buy]
clearasil's sensitive skin cream cleanser - it's the only thing that will not break me out [$4 in most stores]
facial scrub: st. ive's apricot scrub in invigorating - the only thing that makes my skin feels like it's really getting an exfoliation and it definitely smooths my skin out for my foundation application [$3-$4 in most stores]
facial toner: beyond belief's witch hazel - there's not a lot of alcohol in it, not much and it does not dry my skin out. it actually makes it feel moisturized and i believe it's been helping with my acne :) [$4 at sally's beauty supply]
facial moisturizer for daytime: olay complete for oily/combo skin - again this does not break me out and keeps me matte for a good number of hours if i'm not outside. it also makes my skin soft! [$10 at most stores]
facial moisturizer for nighttime: olay night firming creme - just started using this but it sinks in easy and i do feel it firming my skin. my eyes were drooping the other day and i woke up with them alive and well :) [$6 at most stores]
facial masques: queen helen's mint julep (for when i'm having acne days)
queen helen's olive oil masque for my dry days
After my pregnancy is over, I really want to try skin treatments to fade my acne scars and improve my skintone better. As for now it's not so bad, I just have a shitload of scars! :(

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tiff said...

Your skin looks gorgeous from what I've seen in your posts. What eyelashes are you wearing in your sunset eyes look? I really like those :).