Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jamberry Arabian Nail Wrap [love these!]

I met Maryah through my friend Amanda and they invited me to an online Jamberry party.  Curious to see what these were, I decided to give it a try since they sent me a free sample. 

How are these different from your usual Sally Salon Effects?

These are vinyl so you use heat to activate the adhesive and they stick onto your nails.  They are non toxic and really do last a long time.  If done correctly, they will last for 2 weeks. 

The first time I tried these I didn't file them down so they were peeling, so I went ahead and gave it another go and no peeling at all!  I wash my hands a lot and do the dishes often, still no peeling.
They don't feel like they're suffocating my nails and Jamberry has SO many designs it'll be hard to choose from. 

Visit : to get yours now :) 

You won't be disappointed.  These definitely last longer than the ones sold in the stores. 

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