Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow swatches! (Ballet Shoes, Sunday Brunch, Sweet Boudoir)

Sephora released these a while ago but I definitely love their single eyeshadows!  Pigmented and at $13 each I feel i'm going to grow a collection soon.  They have a huge color selection and different types of finishes.  Since I bought 3 I was able to get the palette for free.  :)  (that little key on the side is used to depot the shadows)

Sunday Brunch is a coppery shimmer shadow.
Sweet Boudoir is the perfect matte highlight!
Ballet Shoes is a really pretty silver glitter highlight :)


They came in single pots but you are able to depot them easily with the little key that comes in the palette (or something small and flat).

The palette is great, comes with a mirror but as you can see it gets dirty easily.  None the less, I love it! 

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