Wednesday, March 5, 2014

NEW China Glaze Gelaze UV/LED polishes! Swatches + Review

I woke up this morning (yes this morning) and checked my email.  Normally I skip Sally's emails because they don't have great sales all the time but I saw BOGOF China Glaze Gelaze in the headliner..

Oh YES!  The best part was reading that these don't need a base coat.  I'm currently out of my gel base coat right now so this was a win win win!  I got ready and told my husband I have to go to Sally's!
Not all of the colors were there and I was very prompt with making sure the cashier gave me two for free since there weren't any sale signs up.
Description from Sally's website:
 The benefit of a base coat and gel color in one formula
100% Pure Gel Technology cures under UV / LED light in 30 secs
34 dynamic shades to choose from
Polish lasts chip-free for 10 days

I decided on these 3 and of course the top coat.

♥Purple Panic is as pictured, the pretty color I believe almost anyone can pull off.  It does have a slight blue undertone.
♥Shocking Pink is not as pictured, I've tried and tried different lights and it always comes off more pink than coral.  I honestly believe this is more of a coral/pink than anything.
♥For Audrey of course, is your Tiffany's color.

The color payoff on these are great, probably the best ones yet!

I've tried Finger Paints, Red Carpet Manicure, and Kiss's gel polishes.  Most of them were sheer or the formula was just sort of runny.

These are pigmented, but I want a full coverage opaque nail so I applied two coats on each finger.  Drying was easy and my application process was a breeze since there wasn't a need for a base coat.  The top coat is thick, nothing like Red Carpet Manicure's top coat, but it dried with no problem.

I hope these stay on my nails for a while, i'm loving them so far.


My hands are really dry so don't mind my wrinkly looking finger, I've been cleaning all day!

I just have a small UV light.  I do need to upgrade to a bigger one so curing time will be faster. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

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