Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ranting, blogging...

so it's 6:43am as of right now and the sun is starting to rise. last night, all i could think about was what i am going to eat for lunch..and that is pad thai! i think i make some pretty good pad thai especially now that i have learned how to cook it the correct way. instructions are very important when it comes to cooking! (hahahah...laugh with me please..)

i probably will not be blogging as much or if i do, it won't be anything radical. i do my usual reviews on makeupalley but it's become so addicting i need to stop. i've found most of my Holy Grail products, i will list those in a bit. it's time i retire until i find something i really love.

i've decided to go through with a total money makeover, and it's a book written by dave ramsey. he's an awesome author who speaks with authority when you read his book(s). sorta changed my look on life really. all of these necessities are not important unless i have the money to spend, but as for now the hubsters and i do not.

credit cards, everyone has been taught that they are not bad and they will prosper you. but why not pay cash? that's how the rich get rich, because they do not borrow money.

i love t.i.'s video (whatever you like). ..if you note, he drops cash down for everything, cause he can! it makes me think of the way life would be if we weren't in so much debt. but we're going to be okay because planning together as a couple and working hard for things we deserve is the right way to go about it.

i will: probably most likely look for a job in january after we get our taxes. prepare for hard work but i know it's worth it in the end!

main goal: pay off debt and get movin' with life! be happy and praise God.

okay anyways, as i said, i will list my holy grail products =)

Olay sensitive skin foaming wash
Merlot grapeseed moisturizer
Queen Helene Honey & Oats Scrub
Monistate Chafing Powder as a primer
Everyday Minerals intensive foundations
Mac's blush in Peachykeen
Mac's eyeshadow in Carbon
Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara/Lash Maxxx
NYX lipglosses/lipsticks most of them
Wet n Wild Sand Castle Palette
Clinique's Bronzer

Those are most of it that is a must have in my book.

I will always check up on the bloggers though! and comment like always. later homies! :P

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Maybelline Mineral Power Blush

I tried maybelline's mineral power concealer and I like it. It covers up my redness
and dark circles, most of it anyways :P
Anywho, I bought the blush in True Peach since I was on the hunt for a peach
blush anyways so I grabbed this. My take on these: they are true to their color and they
are beautiful!

Here's what inside looks like. lol i guess?

No Flash
Flash, my flash is pretty bright for my dslr.

Workout is a bitch! But I have to tone up before the Holidays come around.
Can't wait, Florida is already starting to chill down a bit and i'm so happy.
I can finally go to the beach and not sweat!

Here's me before taking a stroll out to the park with the hubsters.
For once he simply said, "let's hang out". ..and by hanging out, we were only
at the park for like 30 minutes before he got tired. He's not much of an
outgoing person but I think he's trying. The retarded babydoll makes me
look pregnant but I assure you that I am not!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Birthday Wish List

Juicy Couture Earrings $45 Pink is my favorite color but it's also October's color.

Flats from Target probably $25
Forever 21 $12
Forever 21
I don't have much on my list, not even makeup. I'm thinking about getting a tattoo also.
The first in my family and I can finally match with the hubsters.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

An Update on the Skincare products from Before

Boots Expert toner and serum: stopped using both of them. toner? i couldn't tell if that was causing me my cystic pimples or not but so far things are cooling down with me not using anything. serum? too greasy i guess. maybe when my skin is really dry i'll use it, but for now it's going to sit.

Olay combo/oily Complete moisturizer with spf: left me shiny which is the thing i hate most and it takes forever to absorb.

Neutrogena fresh moisture: broke me out horribly! kiss my butt neutrogena, i'll probably never use anymore of your horrible products. ..okay well for skin they are.

Using now:

Olay sensive skin foaming wash
Merlots grapeseed moisturizer
Monistat chafing gel/powder

Webcam and Clinique True Pressed Bronzer

So nee's got a different headset now for his xbox 360 and it's awesome because...it does not bother me or him. The tv volume plays in his headphone and not from the tv, leaving me in peace with quiet and my music, not shooting guns everywhere.

He's so silly I love him. He can be a pain too, but still I can't go on a day without kissing him or telling him I love him.

My sweater dress. Yes, it's too long to be just a sweater and it doesn't really look right with leggings, I can try it but I need knee high boots BUT it's hot in florida. Eh, I still love it though.

I bought this today at the base exchange because I said I would go back for it! It makes me feel like I live in hawaii when I put this stuff on and it does give me a natural healthy tan. I can exaggerate on this but I've got medium skin so it's all good. I love how it's really pigmented, but Wet n' Wild's bronzer is good too. I have this in sunswept and it's got shimmer in it but I honestly can't really see much of it when I'm applying this on my face. It's pretty and i'm happy with it!
The amazing thing here is...I tried their dramtical different moisturizing gel, and i'm sorta liking it a lot. I just bought the grapeseed moisturizer so next month i'll get a hold on the DDMG. I like the grapeseed moisturizer too, I just feel like DDMG dries into a quick finish and makes me feel like I don't have anything on my skin either. eh, either one will do though.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Product Reviews

If you have not tried this, you seriously should! I paid $2.49 for this at Walgreens today (i believe it was on sale). I really did not expect much from this because I never like having high hopes for any kind of product. Anyways, the first thing I noticed was the smell of the yummy coconut. Then once I applied this on my lips, I could feel the burst of moisture coming from this little tube onto my lips!

I HIGHLY recommend this moisturizer for anyone who has oily/combo skin. Thanks for Vanessa from nessasarymakeup for posting up a review on this. The thing I love most about this is that it does not make me shiny. A LOT of moisturizers make me shiny. The other one that did not make me shiny was the Neutrogena oil-free for combo skin but it broke me out :( This does has a light fragrance smell of grapefruit that is pleasant and it makes my skin soft! It doesn't make me feel like i'm wearing a grease mask on my face too. I feel so natural and beautiful with this on. Plus I got a free travel size with the big jar for $15 at Walgreens.

If you are on a budget and you want a little color on your skin since fall is coming around, Wet N' Wild's bronzzer is awesome! I don't have to use a lot of this product to make me look like a got a little sun on my skin. $3 worth my time ;)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Clinique Blushing Precious Posy

After eating some delicious dim sum dumplings from Panda Buffet (that's the only
reason why i go there), the adventures of nee nee and lee lee started. We made our way to the land of Target. lol, anyways. I guess Boots came out with a new "sensitive" skincare line. I have very sensitive skin and I will break out with anything harsh on my skin. I bought their toner for $3.79 and their serum for around $8. I will definitely update and let you all know how well it's going.
Wet n Wild's curler: i love it! I like this better than the last curler I bought. It's really gentle on my lashes and it actually makes a curl and not a crymp. You know that hard feeling you get when you press your curler on your eyes? This curler doesn't hurt my eyes at all and it curls. It's small and made for traveling. I bought it for like $1.69.
Wet n Wild's mega eyes in Naked: I think this is my new HG eyeshadow because it makes me feel like i'm not wearing a really pigmented eyeshadow but it makes my lids pretty too.

Clinique's Blushing Percious Posy Blush; soft, pigmented, and provides a luminous glow!
I found out that the Clinique at my BX exchange gives like 25% off everything everyday. They have Estee Lauder there too but we'll have to slowly progress. The lady there complimented my eyes and gave me references. She showed me this bronzer that looked really pretty so i'm probably going to go next week. They're giving free makeovers and samples! yay :)

It looks pink here but when applied on skin it's more of a peachy pink.

I'm a blush person. I really am. If I were stranded on an island and had to choose one makeup thing to bring, it would be blush. I have cheekbones that are not defined without it and it brings my face to life. I don't like looking like I have a flat face either!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Skincare and K-mart trip

So last night when I went to go wash my face, I realized that there were five new uninvited pimples on my face. It was so nasty and it still is! I figured the serum I bought from wal-mart broke me out and i'm so upset because it makes my skin very velvety and soft, but the fragrance is strong. PLUS, the L'oreal skin genesis pore minimizing face wash also broke me out. I personally think so because it has a strong perfume scent and I always get a headache everytime I use it.
After reading reviews on MUA, they said this stuff, is supposed to do the job. I do have sensitive skin! Not realizing it just because i've always claimed to have oily skin. But I have both, I'm acne prone, oily/combo, and sensitive.
For some reason though, Olay products work for me.

Though I have oily/combo skin, I do need moisturizer. My skincare regimen needs to get amped because I'm lazy in general and I really want to start taking good care of my skin. So this will be my moisturizer for the daytime. Maybe even night for now. It's light and non-greasy as it says on the box. ..and I can tell that it keeps me hydrated.
This is La Cross's new eyelash curler. It's straight but it's made for curling small ends that are hard to reach. I have short thin eyelashes so this works on all of them LOL. But it does do the job. The curls actually stay in place better than my revlon curler. I like it ;)

I have finally filled in my ELF compact with some eyeshadows. That is my "neutral" eye palette which is probably the one I will use everyday. If you are on a budget and do not want to spend money or eyeshadows or need a quick backup, Sally girl eyeshadows work really well! The champagne and peach are my favorite from them and they're $1 each! I usually put peach on my lids because it neutralizes my lids or gives it a more definted look. ELF cosmetics are usually a dollar each too!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Everyday Minerals Haul

This haul isn't huge but it made me smile. I got 10% off and since I spent over
$31, I got a free pack of blotting papers and a full size "Casual Friday" eyeshadow.
Thanks EDM!
Me being a huge doofus, I forgot that I wear buttered tan, not winged butter. So
here we have 3 jars of winged butter and on medium beige neutral which is the
darker one. What I did... I mixed my winged butter with my silk naturals buttery
gold foundation and it came out better. Darker to suit my skin, but not too light.
My favorite blush from EDM is weekend getaway. It's like a peachy pink brown
but on my skin it shows up like a natural flush. I love it! My all time fave.
Casual Friday is very very pretty. It's a matte lilac/purpleish color.
Weekend getaway..it looks light light in the picture but it shows up darker
on my cheeks. It's a healthy flush of pink!
Back to school reminds me of weekend getaway except it has shimmer
in it and it has a little more hint of red in there.

The beautiful long handled kabuki. Anyone who orders from EDM
knows that their brushes are shoft and beautiful! Well worth the price, seriously.

I look darker in this picture, most likely because of my camera but IDC it's okay.

Face: EDM winged butter/silk naturals buttery gold
Physicians formula pressed powder talc-free
Monistat chafing powder gel ;)
Cheeks: Weekend getaway
highlight: tenderdusk by Mac
Lips: Covergirl lipslicks in clear
topped it off with Back to School on top for color

highlight: mac shore leave
inner lid-yellow bronze from wet n' wild palette
outerlid-casual friday
nyc eyeliner in black
bottom liner - rimmel kohl in black
inner v shimmer from wet n' wild palette

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pink if my favorite color!

I really wanted to pin up my hair but I had to finish cleaning.
some other day. lol :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

CCO, Taylor Made Minerals, more!

I've got a bunch of colors, not going to name them but this is my
sample load i ordered.

Mac Beauty Powder loose in Soft Flame and Tenderdusk, Mac Carbon Eyeshadow
Lancome's Juicy Smoothie Gloss in "Simmer" and Lancomes Absolu Lipstick in Rich Cashmere
(i preferrably would like NYX lipsticks though)

Swatches of Tenderdusk and Soft Flame

I'm wearing Tenderdusk as a highlighter and peachykeen on my cheeks.
Rich Cashmere on my lips!

I'm starting to collect hats, seriously. I love this one cause it's comfy and
it's pink and brown!

Hunny took me shopping, I really don't know why but it felt like
Christmas to me or something LOL, he let me put anything in the cart
reguardless of price!

here he is, the sunshine of my day. surprisingly he has not gotten tired of
my makeup and he always asks me when i'm in a bad mood if i want more.
lol, we've been through so much. come november will be our 2 year anniversary
of being married. i love you nee! (i call him nee cause i think it's cute) :P